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IMA Prayer says ………..


“May everybody be happy,

May every one of us see to it

That nobody suffers from

Any pain or sorrow.

I do not ask for crown

Nor I wish to be in Heaven or Reborn

I only want to alleviate

the suffering of those people

Who are burning in the fire sorrow.”



           But some IMA members in Bengal are in sorrow due to some unjust actions, thus this endeavour. In democracy everyone should have a voice, this effort is to uphold democracy by upholding the unsung voice. Democracy needs to be restored, elections need to be held in MCI & WBMC & elections within IMA should be by secret ballot as always has been in past & not by raising hands.


            We want witch hunting to end, mutual respect to all IMA members of all opinions and beliefs, we expect leaders to act as leaders & to respect the members rights & also of small branches. We are and always be the Friends of IMA.

WBMC ELECTION Teaching Constituency Candidates

Vote for Your Candidates

Dr. Biplab Acharya
Dr. Baijayanti Baur 
Dr. Milan Chakraborty
Dr. Tamonas Chaudhuri 
Dr. Shankar Kabiraj
Dr. Arunendu Singh
Dr. Banamali Singhamahapatra


WBMC Election Registered Graduate Practitioners’ Constrituency Candidates

Vote for Your Candidates

Dr. Amitabha Bhattacharya

Dr. Surendra Daga 

Dr. Gautam Mukhopadhyay
Dr. Pantha Dasgupta 
Dr. Amit Pan
Dr. Prodyotkumar Sur
Dr. Barinkumar Raychaudhuri

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